I would definitely call myself a geek. After a period of playing Up-date and religiously watching any sci-fi series that graces our screens, in addition to building computers and repeatedly Googling if the latest DLC will be released for whatever XBox game I will be currently addicted to, I undoubtedly wouldn't call myself other things. That is- until I became a mum.

Truly though, the crux of my geek-dom lies in gaming. I am not particularly specialised in a different one genre, whether an FPS God or a conclusion-Game Content raiding genius, but I wholeheartedly love gaming plus the world that surrounds it.

The condition with this being my passion is it is extremely hard to maintain when you discover that you have procured a shiny new addition for a family. Are rarely getting me wrong, being a mum has become the only most important achievement of playing i will surely never regret it, but when you become a parent you will find there's repercussive chain-reaction which changes everything!

The matter that gets you first would be the sleep, or in other words lack thereof. Pre-baby We would quite happily stay up until 2/3am wanting to down that last boss on my guild's 25-man run or, for example, line up outside GAME for your midnight discharge of the newest WoW expansion; bags packed with caffeine while using aim of not sleeping for a few days whilst I desperately battle against the competition on an elusive 'realm first'.

However, sleep would be the now most precious commodity on this planet where I'm concerned. Due to the unpredictability of a baby's sleep (particularly in the first days), you sometimes land up rather sleep-deprived and for that reason when those rare moments of alone-time pop and you've got the option from a quick game on something, or to crash and enjoy every sacred second of blissful shut-eye you can, the option is actually the latter.

Which means that your days usually are composed of belongings you can accomplish whilst holding the child and sleeping when he's asleep... when you're probably still holding him! Unfortunately, it doesn't leave enough time for gaming, among the most vital tools due to this activity could be the use of your appendages.

As a result of this, you have the following the main chain-reaction noticed that you surface, gradually: lack of exposure. Simply because that you're not gaming as often, combined with diminished self confidence, you begin to become somewhat out of your loop. In spite of the capabilities of viewing Facebook/Twitter in your phone, you must scour your news feed to discover anything about gaming and, once you do, you merely have those pangs of jealousy since you realise that you are just not going to get the opportunity to play anything before i write again!

Now, in my personal expertise, it is easier... to some degree, anyway. As my son has gotten older and been introduced to solid food they have slept better during the night time, meaning My business is less tired and he can entertain himself for a short time given that he or she is more mobile. This leaves me with time to yourself that I can make utilization of, so long as I will be mindful of him. At this point you can get some gaming done, huzzah! So hold on tight, all you new gamer/geek parents; it lets you do become possible, I promise!

Catching up, now employing fun part. They are available in hurdles of it's own, but that's something for an additional time.

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