As text messages have grown to be a popular mode of communication between people, multiple messaging service is probably the most effective ways to arrive at customers. In 2011, nearly 7.8 trillion messages were sent and it is likely to reach 9.6 trillion in 2012. An average of, text Messages are read within 4 minutes in comparison with a couple of days with email. Besides, multiple messaging is really a cheap, fast and reliable than other marketing strategies.

Multiple messaging is often a process of sending multiple messages to people as well. As it's cheap, reliable and fast than other marketing techniques choosing employed in marketing field to market products and services. It will always be called bulk SMS service.

Nowadays, bulk SMS service will be utilised by various corporate and marketing organizations. It's not necessarily just used to advertise products but it is also employed to invite business partners, employees and suppliers with a important events or while launching new services and services.

From the the past few years, bulk SMS has become a popular mode of selling. As multiple messaging offers updates about offers, vouchers, freebies, free shipping and services, customers think it is pretty useful while shopping. Most of the customers even enroll in SMS alerts to have up-to-date information regarding new releases and will be offering.

Some important highlights of multiple messaging are the following:


Unlike other advertising models, you do not require any assistance or even in-depth knowledge to initiate bulk SMS marketing campaign. You simply need a bulk SMS software and client's mobile numbers to start out sending messages. Earlier, marketers needed to make use of SMS carrier's networks to transmit multiple messages but this time using bulk SMS software you can send messages on your own. As SMS software have easy to use interface, even an ignorant marketer may make utilization of it effectively.

Moreover, multiple SMS marketing campaigns are super easy to manage and monitor. It will be easy to handle the progress of this marketing campaign in a couple of weeks.


As messages attain the customers directly, it's faster than other marketing methods which might be suffering from interference. As mobile technology is booming, mobile towers are intended with advanced features and are competent to transfer the messages even during severe climatic conditions.


SMS has higher response rate than conventional marketing techniques for instance email, telemarketing and online marketing. It is found that around 95% of texts are open and browse from the people. So, promoting product or service through multiple messaging service is among the best ways to improve sales.

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